Bearings & Gears

Founded in 1886, Browning is the world leader in V-belt drives. They also offer a broad spectrum of power transmission products such as gearing, bearings, and other drive components.

Available in Browning® 920 Series Mounted Tapered Roller and Browning® Mounted Ball.

Belt Drives
Browning® belt drives provide one of the largest selections of V-Belts, Sheaves available. Complete line of V-belts, FHP and multiple sheaves.

Browning pioneered the SPLIT TAPER® bushing and also offers QD® and Taper Bore bushings as well.

Roller Chain Sprockets
Choose from the world’s largest selection of high-quality, shaft ready sprockets to solve all your application needs.

Drive Tighteners and Idlers
Browning® offers a wide variety of drive tighteners and idlers. They provide the necessary means of take-up for applications with fixed centers.

Torque Overload Devices
Browning® Torque Overload Devices help protect machinery from overloads or equipment jams.

Shaft Mount Reducers
The Browning shaft mount reducers are enclosed helical gear reducers with a hollow output. They are mounted directly on the input shaft of the driven machine. They are supported by the shaft and torque arm arrangement or by a motor mount frame.

Helical Concentric and Right Angle
This is a comprehensive offering of energy efficient, helical based enclosed gearing available as gearmotors and reducers. A diverse variety of shaft and mounting options are also offered.

Bevel and Miter Gearing
Browning bevel right angle reducers providing ratio ranges from 1:1 to 3:1 depending on model and brand selected.

Centerpivot Gearing
This range of worm and helical gearmotors are specifically designed for centerpivot and linear irrigation systems worldwide. Each unit is designed and nameplated for 3/50/380V and 3/60/460V at popular motor powers and RPM’s.

Open Gearing
Browning open gearing products including spur, miter, bevel and change gears.

Browning® couplings offer an extensive breadth of product available for many industrial applications. We also custom-design and engineer specific applications.

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