Transmission Products

Founded in 1880, Morse is well known for its performance chain products, clutches, gear reducers and other drive components.

Roller Chain
Morse high quality roller chain provides exception value and is manufactured to precision standards utilizing world-class technology.

Leaf Chain
They are made of roller chain type links and riveted pins to utilize maximum strength for given widths. It is used as tension linkage or a lifting device at slow speeds.

Inverted Tooth Chain Drives
Morse® offers HV chain for high capacity at high speed. In comparison, silent chain fills the need for smooth, silent drives at low to moderate speeds.

Worm Gearing
We offer a broad right angle work gear reducer line. It ranges from an industry interchange design with modular accessories to cast iron and aluminum designs. It is intended for a wide variety of applications.

Spiral Bevel Gear Reducers
Morse M Series spiral bevel gear reducers are offered in both rugged cast iron and corrosion resistant aluminum housings. These housings are line bored for precise gear and bearing alignment.

Mechanical CAM Clutches
Morse® Mechanical CAM Clutches use a cam or wedging element to lock the inner and outer races of the clutch to transmit torque in only one direction.

Torque Limiters
The Morse Torque Limiter is a spring loaded friction style torque overload device. The load on the friction pads is adjusted so that the process torque is transmitted, while an overload torque in excess of the set torque causes the unit to slip.

The MORFLEX coupling, a proven winner, can compensate for high angular misalignment and is torsionally flexible. Misalignment working angles range from 1.5 to 10 degrees, making the MORFLEX a unique resilient coupling.

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