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Regal is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, mechanical and electrical motion controls and power generation products serving markets throughout the world.
It producew and supports products like Motors, AC Drives and Controls, Bearings, Blowers, Components, Control Solutions, Conveying, Couplings, Gearing, Generators, Mechanical Drives, Switchgear and Controls.


Regal is one of the world’s largest motor producers with technology and manufacturing centers spanning the globe. Regal motor designs include HVAC, fractional, and integral and medium voltage AC and DC motors in IEC and NEMA enclosures. Innovative motors include axial and radial flux designs with integrated controls for optimum performance. Regal builds “Mission Critical” motors for many unique industry applications like HVAC, pumping, fans and blowers, compressors, and industrial machinery.

AC Drives and Controls

Regal is a leader in providing unique control solutions to a vast array of industries including oil and gas, automotive, food and beverage, and primary metals. Our products include IEC and NEMA motor controls, solid state low and medium voltage starters, low and medium voltage AC drives, and control solutions.


Regal designs, manufactures, and sells mounted and unmounted bearings. Mounted bearings are available within a variety of options and sizes that include ball, spherical, and tapered rolling elements, and they’re mounted in pillow block, flange, and cartridge style housings. Unmounted bearings are offered in a variety of types and styles. These include cam followers, radial bearings, thrust, rod ends, aerospace, and specialty bearings.


Regal is a global innovator in high efficiency integrated blowers that are used in a wide range of applications in HVAC, white goods, water heating, small pumps, and compressors. Regal products include PMAC refrigeration motors, integrated blower/motors, fan/motor assemblies, and pre-mix blowers.


Regal is an industry leader in NEMA terminal and fuse blocks, IEC terminal blocks, along with motor and lighting capacitors. OEMs prize the innovation, reliability, and quality of Regal® components.

Control Solutions

Regal designs, engineers, and builds custom control systems for the HVAC, automotive, oil and gas, paper converting, and primary metals industries. Our solutions include AC drives, MMI, DCS interfaces, custom control panels, lift stations, data collection systems, process controls, device monitoring, and networking solutions.


Regal® products keep the world moving! Conveyor technologies include chains and sprockets, modular plastic belts, mounted bearings, couplings, variable speed motors, gear motors, AC & DC drives, gear drives, and control solutions. With 75 years of industry focus, Regal has acquired the know-how and experience in material, bulk, and unit handling operations, which has led us to be one of the industry innovators in conveying solutions.


Regal is a global leader in motor and machinery couplings. As a result of industry experience, innovation, and collaborative engineering with customers, Regal is able to offer a wide array of couplings for a host of industries ranging from HVAC to marine. These include rigid, sleeve, diaphragm, jaw, disc, barrel, chain, crown tooth, hydraulic, universal joint, gear spindles, flexible, and Elastomeric® couplings. System innovations in the Powerlign® torque monitor allow for real time data via a PLC or DCS system.


Regal designs, manufactures, and sells high efficiency gear drives for motion control within complex equipment and systems used for a variety of applications. We provide a variety of gear types, shaft configurations, ratios, housing materials, and mounting methods.


Regal designs, manufactures, and sells electric generators from 5 kilowatts through 4 megawatts, manual and automatic transfer switches, power generation, distribution switchgear, components, and system controls. Marine, standby power, aerospace, and mining applications all use this product.

Mechanical Drives

Regal designs, manufactures, and sells mechanical power transmission drives and components. These products include belt drives, bushings, chain and sprockets, drive tighteners and idlers, mechanical CAM clutches, couplings, and torque overload devices.

Switchgear and Controls

Regal’s switchgear and control products are in high demand in data centers as well as power monitoring and control applications around the world which include distributed generation switchgear, emergency standby switchgear, prime power, arc resistant switchgear, and seismic switchgear. Products range from 240VAC to 13.8kV systems.

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