These manually actuated plunger pumps were developed for intermittently operated, single-line centralized lubrication systems with piston distributors. They include a set of valves required for pressure relief and pressure limitation. Versions are available with or without fill-level switches to monitor critical levels of lubricant, and reservoirs are offered in three different sizes.

Manually operated pumps HP and HPG / PF-23-2 / PF-23-22

The manually operated single-stroke lever pump HP is designed for use in progressive systems to supply grease through one outlet. They are equipped with a spring-loaded follower plate and an indicator rod for level control purposes. The pumps can be used with a primary progressive metering device only or also with a secondary level metering device.

Similar to HP pumps, HPG pumps include a special integrated progressive metering device with eight outlets. Therefore, the HPG are suitable for small air driven progressive systems.

Features and benefits

  • No power supply necessary
  • Ease of use
  • HPG with integrated progressive metering device, serving up to 8 lubepoints
  • HPG 15 pumps refillable via filling nipple
  • Level control via indicator rod applications
  • Applications without power supply
  • Indoor use
  • Excenter presses
  • Slurry centrifuges

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