Bremskerl Non Asbestos DNV-GL Approved Brake Linings for the marinre industry

We make a variety of BREMSKERL disc brake linings with UIC approval from various materials for very different application classes in the highest quality, certified, safe and with a long service life.

In the field of industrial applications, we produce a large number of customized linings in the form of rings, segments, cones and shaped pieces in small and large production batches in accordance with individual customer wishes.

In addition, we produce high-quality semi-finished goods in the form of rolls, strips and plates in thicknesses of up to 80 mm. BREMSKERL rolls can also be supplied with wire backing fabric and can be both riveted and bonded for the highest stresses. Additional grooving ensures particularly high flexibility of the material for very different drum diameters. Through various types of processes, for example, milling, water jet and laser cutting, all semi-finished products can be further processed to the required dimensions in a great range of variants. In addition, we regenerate and bond various carrier materials.

BREMSKERL materials are used successfully in all application fields globally. This is not a coincidence, because our materials guarantee high economic efficiency and unique product quality through particularly safe manufacturing processes. In addition, our linings achieve optimum friction pairing in the shortest time. Best performance values and high friction coefficient stability, even at high temperatures, are provided only by composites from BREMSKERL.

Brake bands and drum brake linings for cranes, winches, forklifts, antique vehicles and other industrial applications. Bremskerl 5300 is an OE approved material for forklift drum brakes.

Ideal for brake and clutch applications requiring riveting instead of bonding: brake bands, forklifts, antique vehicles.

Industrial Flexible molded and woven band; hot and cold pressed finished & semi-manufactured articles; e.g. rings, blocks, sheets. Railway Systems Brake Pads and Brake Blocks for transit and freight rail systems. Commercial Vehicles Drum brake and disc brake pads for trucks, trailers, busses, cranes and specialty vehicles.

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