Manual Lubrication Tools

A basic element of lubrication plans

The main pitfall of manual lubrication is ensuring accuracy and top cleanliness. Lubricant film in the application can be over 40 times thinner than the smallest visible particle. The SKF range of manual lubrication tools is designed to help you with the storage, handling, dosing and supplying of lubricants for your machinery in a clean and easy way.

Grease guns
Grease packer

To lubricate open bearings

Grease guns

Easy grease filling

One hand operated grease gun

Easy grease filling with one hand

Battery driven grease gun

Quick and easy grease filling

Grease pumps
Grease filler pumps

High quantity grease packer

Grease pumps

Meeting all your lubricating grease needs

Manual lubrication accessories
Oil levellers

Automatic adjustment for optimal lubricating oil level

Oil handling containers

A proper solution for oil handling

Bearing packer

Contamination free grease filling

Disposable grease resistant gloves

Contamination free grease filling

Grease meter

Accurate grease quantity measurement for adequate lubrication

Grease nozzles

Renew or upgrade your equipment

Grease nipples

The link to your lubrication points

Grease fitting caps and tags

Proper identification of your lubrication points

Lever-action coupler

Improves safety and simplifies the manual lubrication process

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