Pneumatic seals are the result of many years of compound and profile development experience, allowing the pneumatics engineer to pursue new design options and techniques such as selecting a friction-optimized sealing lip geometry which preserves the lubricating film.

A comprehensive portfolio of sealing systems for pneumatic cylinders is available to the application engineer: rod seals and wipers, single- and double-acting piston seals, complete pistons with or without mechanical dampers, cushioning rings as well as combined seal/wiper rings for ISO and short-stroke cylinders.

For special application requirements, as well, offers a wide product range (partially included in this catalogue): seal/wiper elements for non-rotating cylinders, oval double-acting piston seals for flat cylinders, fleece-rubber seals for rod less cylinders and special seal/wiper elements for particularly dirty operating conditions.

In addition, draws on years of experience in the field of valve sealing systems – particularly spool valves – thus being able to design the seal best suiting the customer’s specific valve system and associated requirements. Special compounds are available for pneumatic sealing solutions, combining the benefits of low friction, minimum wear and long service life.

The variety of our compound range offers the right choice of material for any application and engineering requirement.

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