Barrel Couplings

The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and a hub having same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by this hub and sleeves toothing to act as power transmission elements.

JAURE® TCB barrel couplings are recommended for installation in crane lifting mechanisms, to connect the cable drum with the gearbox output shaft, as well as in winch conveyors and platform hoists.

When the gearbox output shaft is rigidly connected to the drum in a lifting mechanism, supported between points, this originates a statically indeterminate case. This type of mounting requires special care in alignment and levelling, which is difficult to achieve in practice.

Mounting inaccuracies, as well as deformation in structures and wear in moving parts, lead to enormous additional forces, above all in the gearbox output shaft, which as a result of alternative bending loads can lead to breakage due to fatigue and faults in bearings and gear wheels. In the recommended mounting the barrel coupling, which is installed between the gearbox and cable drum, performs the function of an articulated joint, thus making the connection statically determinate and avoiding the occurrence of high bending moments.

The mounting of the barrel coupling in a lifting mechanism. Considering the fact that this coupling allows axial displacement, a self-adjusting bearing must be mounted, fixed laterally, at the opposite end of the drum shaft in order to withstand the axial forces that may be generated.

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