Grid Couplings

Together, SKF Grid Couplings form a powerful combination in maximizing coupling performance and life.

A perfect complement to the SKF Grid Coupling range, was developed by SKF Maintenance Products to cater to the maintenance needs of customers.

Hence, we are pleased to announce that this successful collaboration between SKF Power Transmission and SKF Maintenance Products has produced an optimum product that enables grid and gear flexible couplings to run smoothly under a variety of operating conditions.

Product background and its competitive advantage. Flexible couplings, such as grid, gear, chain couplings and joints are typically grease lubricated. A special grease formulation is required to withstand premature oil separation in high centrifugal forces.

Historically, SKF Power Transmission offered SKF Couplings to the market with greases from other brands or left the choice of grease to the end-users. Today, SKF presents a complete and unique offering to the market with the SKF Grid and Gear Coupling Grease.

About SKF Grid Coupling Grease

SKF Grid Coupling Grease is a polyethylene thickened and mineral oil-based grease that utilizes also a lithium complex thickening technology. The grease is formulated to enable grid and gear (flexible) couplings to withstand high centrifugal forces and high-torque applications even where severe shock loadings, misalignment and vibration occur.

The polyethylene and base oil were carefully selected to have similar densities in order to prevent oil separation in applications of high centrifugal forces. As such, the grease has a stable consistency and is able to prevent leakage even at high speeds.

The special additive formulations make the grease suitable for applications that are subject to high loads, high torques, wet environments, a wide range of speed regimes and temperatures.

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