Bearings for the shipping industry from the top brands COOPER & Orkot. Top quality products, specialized for heavy duty use in ships.

Products include Split Roller Bearings, Split Tapered Bearings, Specialised Bearings (Flat Thrust,Full Row, Over 600mm, Water Cooled, Bespoke), Orkot® TLMM Marine, Orkot® TXMM Marine.

COOPER Marine Bearings

Greater freedom for the designer, better functionality, simpler installation and replacement, massive savings over the longer term. That’s the Cooper offer. Its firmly based on the time – and space – saving benefits of split-to-the-shaft units plus exceptional alignment flexibility and the superior seal integrity


Orkot Marine Bearings

Orkot® Marine Bearings are manufactured from a unique synthetic composite incorporating solid lubricants to ensure outstanding wear life. With virtually no swelling in seawater and a very low thermal coefficient of expansion, the bearings provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas.


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