Globecomm Maritime believes in offering choice to its customers.

Globecomm Maritime can provide any level of connection that meets customer requirements for voice and data, with a range of services reflecting global or regional service levels at a range of prices, with pre and post-paid plans.

Globecomm Maritime gives ship owners, managers, officers and crew a more powerful and cost-effective platform for worldwide communications, complete with largest Ku-Band footprint of any provider, VSAT, L-band (Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya), flexible services from SCADA/M2M up to UHD video, crew Wi-Fi and shoreside portal for monitoring and managing crew access, shipboard IoT telemetry to fleet owners, and mobile technologies. Globecomm Maritime offers a complete solution, but because it is also modular in design, can be configured to match your priorities. You are free to choose connection types, terminals, services and bandwidth to meet your cost and performance needs.

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Globecomm Maritime has always recognized that communications are about more than just connectivity. The use of satellite technology to reach remote assets requires both specialized hardware and software in order to provide users with reliable and cost-efficient connections.

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