Our company with qualified personnel takes over:


  • Mapping of engine room and machinery
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Establishment and update of record


Diesel Engines and Diesel driven Generators, Turbochargers, Gearboxes, Intermediate Shaft Line Bearings, Bow Thrusters, Propeller’s Unbalance Identification, Rudder Motors, Ballast Pumps, Jacket Pumps, LubOil Pumps, Purifiers, Separators, Fans, AC Motors of any kind and size, Pipelines, Misalignment & Unbalancing diagnosis, etc..


We proudly announce our new cooperation with GLOBECOMM

Access Maritime from Globecomm gives ship owners, managers, officers and crew a more powerful and cost-effective platform for worldwide communications, complete with Ku-band VSAT, L-band (Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya), Wi-Fi and mobile technologies. Access Maritime is a complete solution, but because it is also modular in design, can be configured to match your priorities. You are free to choose connection types, terminals, services and bandwidth to meet your cost and performance needs.

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