Thermal cameras

Detect hot spots before they cause trouble
Using an SKF Thermal Camera is a proactive way to help you detect problems before they occur, increasing uptime and improving safety. They allow you to be able to visualise potential problems, invisible to the naked eye, by presenting a picture of the heat distribution of an asset. The thermal image, presented on a large LCD screen, shows you where the temperature is either too hot or too cold allowing you to pinpoint potential problems fast.

Thermal camera

Easy to use thermal camera simplifies machine inspections.

Maintenance technicians and experienced thermographers can quickly and easily detect troublesome hotspots with the user-friendly SKF Thermal Camera TKTI 21. With a thermal detector of 160 x 120 pixels and a visual camera, the TKTI 21 is suitable for many mechanical and electrical maintenance inspection applications. A wide temperature measurement range of –20 to +350 °C (–4 to +662 °F) makes the TKTI 21 suitable for many proactive maintenance programmes.

  • Visual and audible temperature limit alarm function alerts the user to abnormal conditions.
  • Automatic hot and cold spot cursors quickly pinpoints the extremes in a scene.
  • Up to five moveable temperature cursors/areas with individual emissivity settings for analysing complex scenes.
  • Temperature difference of two cursors can be displayed on screen enabling quick and easy temperature comparisons.
  • Isotherms, temperature gradients and area analysis boxes for advanced scene analysis.
  • Built-in emissivity tables allow easy emissivity value setting.
  • Eleven selectable colour pallets for ease of use.
  • Fully radiometric thermal and visual images are stored on the micro SD card provided.
  • Images can be voice annotated for later reviewing with the PC software.
  • Video output function allows the live image to be shown on an external display, useful when showing to a group of people.
  • Supplied with two standard camcorder batteries and an independent charger, enabling a long field usage time.
  • Rugged construction and, with an IP 54 rating, enabling use almost anywhere.
  • Comprehensive PC software suite for an unlimited number of users enables advanced image analysis and professional report writing.

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