The Odyssey Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Marine System

Advantages of the system for the shipping company from the use of SKF ODYSSEY Condition Based Maintenance are several.

Eliminate machine problems on time, Improve maintenance strategy, Extend time between repairs, Cost Saving, Adopt regulations TMSA 3, Easy access to data anytime, Allow spare parts optimization, Optimize crew tasks, Cultural Change.

Odyssey CBM project

Crews often face unpredictable damages on the rotating equipment

The Odyssey Project has been designed to provide such solutions REMOTELY

Condition Monitoring may be vital for increasing machinery reliability

Implementation in 2 rounds

1. Delivers the SKF Microlog Analyzer Kit


2. Marks the measurements points and collects the vibration data

3. Installs onboard the Cloud – SKF Enlight Centre and Drivers


4. Trains the crew on how to collect the data and use the SKF Software

Crew collects the vibrations data& uploads it to the cloud

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